Burritos&Thrifting &Books

I know I haven’t been on here a whole lot lately . Life is busy , life gets sad , life gets lonely , life gets exciting , life sometimes is overwhelming in good and bad ways. So I been contending with quite a lot on my plate so I just haven’t had the time to blog but here I am !! I hope everyone is doing well . So June is almost done . I can’t believe it like we are halfway through the year it’s insane . Although some things in my life has changed I can say a couple things that’s consistent is my Heavenly Father Jehovah , food , books and thrifting lol .

So recently I went to a burrito joint in Ridgewood .

Burrito Republic

So this spot was super cute and small . I love the fact that they have options for vegans and non vegans . I got the mission burrito and replaced the meat with soy chorizo and vegan cheese . I think what I loved most about this place was the decor but also the customer service . The server was just amazing and super sweet and made sure everything was good . He was awesome ! I really enjoyed my burrito the next day better . The cheese wasn’t fully melted when I first got it . Some vegan cheeses take longer than others but when I put it in the oven the next day ? Gucci ! It was delicious . I would def go back to try another meal !

Next up is thrifting . I’ve been living at urban jungle and I always find some wonderful prices and pieces . One of my favorite pieces is this old navy dress I got for 8-10 bucks . I’m a ruffle girl, so I’m here for the ruffles and this dress is super comfy and chill and cute !

And last but not least . What have I been reading ?

I seen this book called The boy who steals houses and it just sounded interesting . It’s by C.G Drews and it’s powerful . It’s a book about a young boy name Sammy Lou and his autistic brother Avery who have such a hard life . At a young age they ran away together . From the abuse and neglect and Sammy although is the younger brother he protects and takes care of Avery . The dangerous thing about Sammy is that he hurts anyone who hurts his brother . He just completely blacks out . They also steal houses . They break into homes that doesn’t look inhabited and stay there until they find another home . But one day Sammy finds a home and thinks it’s inhabited when it isn’t and he meets this big beautiful vibrant crazy family who takes him in but they don’t know exactly who he is . It’s a powerful book about love of family . About lost about abuse . Some parts were so heavy that it hurt me . But this is a reality for millions of children and teens around the world .

So that’s it for today folks ! I’ll try to post more frequently but the way my life is set up lol . Take care everyone ✌🏾


30 day sugar cleanse

I cannot even believe I did this lol . In March April I was feeling quite sluggish and was eating way too many carbs and sweets so me and my mom decided to go on a sugar cleanse . Which meant no sweets(cake,brownies, cupcakes etc) and also we stopped completely doing white flour . No soda no juice ( we barely drink those things anyway ) No syrup no maple syrup no pancakes 😢. So the first week was so bad . I had a killer headache and I didn’t know what to eat because i was thinking too much into it honestly . I still would eat lots of fruit just not too many grapes or bananas because they are full of natural sugar .

The Cons

  • Killer headaches the first week -second week
  • Frustration when you’re on your period
  • When you try to eat sweets you get a sluggish headache feeling
  • Watching people eat sugar in front of you . So upsetting 🙄
  • So I just recently started my baking business you can follow my page Here . So of course I would have to try my cookies to make sure they were yummy and I changed the formula a couple of times so I needed to check . So I probably ate like 6 cookies or less this entire month . And I got headaches . My body has gotten so used to not having the sugar that when I put it back , it didn’t quite want it .
  • The Pros

So much energy.

    My second week I was so energized I was tired from not having sleep but I had a lot energy

Lost of weight .

    I personally don’t weight myself because at times it’s discouraging . And it would make me feel horrible so I just go with how I feel how my clothes fit and I saw that I was losing weight . Being a size 2 isn’t a goal of mine (and it’s nothing wrong if that is your goal ) just personally I am about feeling good on the inside and I feel good on the outside .

Eating cool different recipes

    . I found out that I put sugar in ALOT of my food . Sugar enhances the flavor and I even put it in my spaghetti sauce so it was hard not putting sugar in certain foods . But I made a lot of good yummy recipes without sugar !

Enhanced taste .

    It’s so funny when you don’t have sugar and everything is enhanced . I had some sweet peppers and I NEVER eat them alone but they were so good and sweet . Fruits just seem so good like better than good .

Overall just feeling good .

    I enjoyed doing this and I’ll most likely keep up with it . Just eating sweets a lot less . Maybe every two weeks so twice a month instead of everyday . I look forward to getting pancakes on Monday yaya!

  • So that is all for my sugar cleanse hope you enjoyed this post and maybe you’ll try a sugar cleanse one day ! Even if it’s for a week ! Take care peeps


After to Before . Not much of a difference but there is some 💪🏾

Solo Dates

Hey guys ! Hope all is well . So I went on a solo date yesterday and if you’ve never taken yourself out on a date please do it . I remember years ago I wouldn’t want to go anywhere alone but solitude is so important . To think freely without distraction . To just enjoy yourself . I went to cobble hill which holds a lot of dear memories for me . I went to this Thai place called Kor Tor Mor . Last time I came here I had gotten the shrimp pad Thai . This time they actually had a whole vegan page . But I love pad Thai and it’s my jam lol . I got the pad Thai with vegan shrimp . This was my first time trying vegan shrimp .

I also got the corn fritters for an appetizer .


The corn fritters were quite greasy . Nice flavor but too greasy and I would not get it again . I had to get some tea to wash some of it down lol The pad Thai was delicious . And I love that little crunchy thing they added to the dish . It’s almost like a chip and it gives the pad Thai such texture . The vegan shrimp was so interesting . As you can see it legit looks like shrimp but from a person who’s eaten shrimp before the taste is different but similar so I was impressed .

The decor was really refreshing . Natural light and plants are everything and they had that . I appreciate the fact that they are empty during the day so you don’t have to wait long .

I traveled around cobble hill and stopped at some book stores . Didn’t find what I was looking for but appreciated the walk and people watching lol .

I also just finished a book that I enjoyed very much .

Opposite of Always By Justin A Reynolds

I mean this book consist of two of my favorite things . Time travel and romance . How can you go wrong ? I really liked the characters and they reminded me of friends that I knew or once knew . They were realistic characters . I really enjoyed how Justin writes in full detail and how some parts were funny and witty . It was just a real love story , without the fake and unrealistic. It was a love you understood just with some time travel thrown in there lol . It’s a great book and I recommend it to anyone . So solo date was a success. Looking forward to some more !

Later guys . Have a great week !

Thrifting and Tear Jerking Book from A Dogs Point Of View

Hey guys ! How have you been ? I been a little anxious but I’m getting a lot better. One day at a time . No worries from yesterday that’s done . No worries of tomorrow it hasn’t come yet . Just today .

Okay so the point of this post is to post some things I’ve thrifted lately since I haven’t shared anything thrift related recently . I actually went back in March and got this super cute jean dress I believe it was 13 bucks . It’s Gap and super cute for summer .

This month I took my nieces thrifting to get some cute stuff and I forced my niece to get this floral puffy shoulder dress with pockets and buttons on the back . I could tell she didn’t really like it so I tried it on and guess what ?! It fit me ! I’m a size 14 almost all the time this dress was a 11-12 so you could tell how thrilled I was lol .

What’s so great about the floral dress it was 6 bucks my kind of party . I love thrifting because you can go there with ten bucks get two things or one thing with change leftover . It’s just amazing .

Now to the book that made me cry at the end .

The Art Of Racing In The Rain By: Garth Stein

Initially, I was like I don’t know how I’m going to like this book . The fact that it was from a dogs point of view I wasn’t sure lol. But I have to say it made the book hilarious , serious , sweet and sad . There were so many elements to this book and it’s on my favorite list . It’s about this dog name Enzo and his owner Denny and how they grow and go through life together with Zoe and Eve . The different trials they face are so unexpected but they get through it.

Reminds me of my life . If you told me this would be my life right now , I would laugh at you . But this is what it is and I will get through it too .

This book is super heart warming and although it made me sobbed , Enzo’s character def made an imprint on my heart .

You may wonder why it’s called The Art or Racing In The Rain . You’ll have to read it to find out why !

Take care guys !

Vegan yumminess

Hey guys ! Hope you are doing well ! Today’s post is about delicious vegan/vegetarian spots and a new recipe that I’m excited to share . What’s so awesome about New York is that the vegan /vegetarian options are endless and the app Yelp lets you know whether a restaurant has those options . My friend recommended to me Screamers Pizza in greenpoint and finally I was able to get here with my nieces over the weekend . They aren’t vegan or anything but they eat a lot of different vegan meals . When we got there we actually passed it because it was crowded . It’s a small spot so it wasn’t much room but we decided to go back and take our pizza to go . While we ordered a group got up so we were able to eat in house . We ordered 4 different types of pizza . We got the Chorizo, Pepperoni, Supreme and cheese . LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT THIS PIZZA (yes I’m yelling ) because it was sooooooo good . I wasn’t always a veggie girl so I know what regular pizza non vegan taste like and this tasted like real pizza and better . To be honest it went down way smoother and the the crust is my favorite part and it had the perfect crunch I wanted to cry . I was so full of pizza but so happy !

Their menu is also on the mirror which is pretty neat .

Next up is Brain Food The Smart Kitchen . I honestly wasn’t going to walk into this spot because all I saw on the yelp page was salads . And today I started my 30 days no added sugar challenge so I was NOT in the mood for a salad but mom said they would have to have more than that and they sure nuff did . They have so many options for vegans and vegetarians they have like 5 or more vegan sandwiches , bowls , smoothies , salads etc . I love the options but I hated that I had to order through a machine rather than speaking to someone . Too modern for me . I got the chopped cheese sandwich and if you’re from the Bronx , or Brooklyn you know chopped cheese is a very popular sandwich but I never really ate beef in my life so I never tried it . So I got the vegan version . It was vegan beef vegan cheese peppers and onions on a 8 grain hero bread . It was good BUT I was disappointed in the fact that the cheese wasn’t fully melted (sometime vegan cheese be wilding but that’s why you get good vegan cheese that you know that melts ) Also they didn’t toast my bread when I ask for it to be toasted so that was annoying but all in all it was good .

The decor was sweet . I love open spaces and they def have this .

They also do meal prep for all types of diets if you don’t feel like it . I feel this place has a lot of potential . And I look forward to coming back and trying more of their vegan/vegetarian options !

Last but not least is a recipe I made for assembly . Usually for assembly I would make sandwiches but this year I don’t eat meat or fish so I thought well what will I eat . On my Pinterest I had this chickpea salad recipe and I thought it had too much stuff in it so I thought of how I would season tuna fish when I use to eat it . I boiled down a can of chickpeas till they were soft enough to smash . I smashed it with a fork and added vegan mayo , pepper , salt , sweet relish and peppers . I also added a little basil and garlic powder and y’all it was so finger licking good . I paired that with 12 grain bread and some baby arugula .

It doesn’t look pleasant but it taste so good 😩 . This will be my go to . So there you have it . Vegan yumminess in Brooklyn and in my own home !

Take care guys ! Have a lovely week and stay strong and be strong . 🤗

29 more days to go . Pray for me y’all lol

Neighborhood Gems

Hey guys ! How are you doing ? I hope everyone is doing well ! I have a couple new followers and I wanted to thank you for the follow but most of all I hope you enjoy the content .

Some facts about me

  • I’m one of Jehovah’s witnesses and proud . (You can check out JW.ORG for more info )
  • I’m 27 years old
  • Big time music connoisseur
  • And from the content you can see I love Food Books and Thrifting .I hope you enjoy and you can always leave some suggestions in the comment section of more content you would like to see.So now to the title of this post , neighborhood gems . I’m from Brooklyn and Brooklyn is ever changing and there are always some new spots springing up so checked out two today on the same strip . First place is Brown Butter . I would always see this place occupied but never bother to stop by . Plus I’m not over that way a lot of the time but today I met up with my dear friend and her little baby boy to have some breakfast . The decor off the back is clean chill rustic and everything I love . Shelves , brick and plants. You can’t go wrong with that . I had the Belgium waffle and chai latte with oat milk . The Belgium waffles comes with maple syrup and bananas and whip cream (I didn’t have the whip cream ). The waffle itself was hot crunchy and soft on the inside . I literally swallowed the whole thing smh lol. So it goes without saying it was delicious . My chai latte was also good , I just would have like the spices to be stronger . I tasted mostly oat milk but it was a tasty oat milk lol . I also got this blue berry loaf to go . I wanted to love it but sadly it wasn’t moist enough . But the breakfast is delicious and their other loaves looked so moist so I’ll try those next time .Price range $3.50 -15They also have the sweetest signs .Next up is Warude . It’s a new taco Japanese fusion spot . I was hungry and wanted something different so I tried this spot . I got the tofu and zucchini rice bowl . The tofu was seasoned with sweet chili sauce along with zucchini and sweet potato and it came with a side of roasted cabbage . They give you a choice of sides with the rice bowls . What I’m loving about these new shops they have options for vegetarians and vegans which is awesome . The rice bowl was heavy as I hoped it would be because it was 14 bucks . Next time I’m trying their sweet potato tacos lol it’s cheaper . But the bowl was so good and I literally ate every bit . Normally I’m funny about tofu because it’s so bland and people don’t make it good at all so I was so happy when I got this sweet chili flavored tofu . The veggies were perfect and it also had tomatoes that was so flavored . The brown rice was perfectly made and the cabbage was just how I liked it . Almost raw but cooked enough lol . I was pleased with this spot the prices are a tiny bit high depending on what you’re getting .
  • Price range $5-20(they have tacos which are decently priced) The decor reminded me of Hawaii . Like a cool open shop that locals come to . It’s just super cool .Looking forward to finding more gems in the hood . Later y’all

All the Lights We Cannot See

I know finally a book review . With everything that has been going on I stopped reading . I couldn’t read no more than a chapter and it was the most frustrating thing . I started reading All The Lights We Cannot See By Anthony Doerr. This book takes place in a couple different years but mostly in 1944 where the holocaust took place and how the French were effected by the chaos and genocide . This book took many turns and many shocking moments . But I have to say there were some slow parts but I feel as long as you get over the slow parts you’ll be just fine because what’s after that slow parts is a really good book lol. Marie Laure Leblanc was my favorite character her and Werner . I just wished the outcome was different but this isn’t a fairy tale . People lost their lives . Lives of those they loved . It was a hard pill to swallow what some had to do to survive . To not be hurt . The characters in this book were so vibrant and so amazing regardless of their destructive environment . It’s def a book to read .