Letting go of gravity

Letting go of gravity By: Meg Leder

I feel like I’ve been reading the best books ever. This is one of the best books I’ve read . No matter the genre . It’s in my top 3 books . This book made me feel and that’s what books should do . It’s about a interesting relationship between two twins Charlie(boy) and Parker(girl) . Charlie got leukemia Parker didn’t . It talks about the sickness and how it effected their relationship over the years and how they became further and further apart . How Parker who always wanted to be a doctor didn’t quite know how to even save herself . Then insert Finn a person from Parker’s past , and these gorgeous characters like Carla and Ms Peggy and Harriet and Alice the old women from a center . Em Parkers best friend and amazing Ruby who changes both Charlie and Parker’s life . The characters have so much life and so much love . I literally fell in love with this book . As I always say I won’t share too much but In the beginning she tells about the helium girl and the gravity girl and how the helium girl wanted to fly and the gravity girl didn’t know how to let go . That was the relationship with Parker and Charlie . Parker constantly snitches and Charlie is constantly a jerk but give it a chance . Let it tell you this story . It’s so good . I would def recommend this beautiful book .

P.S I’ll be auxiliary pioneering for the month of October . I’m really looking forward to it ! Pray for me !


Park slope Thrifting

Hey guys ! So I haven’t written a blog post about thrifting in a while . One I been broke and two I been broke lol no seriously I have but I knew I needed a couple things for fall and winter and a jean jacket def being one of them for fall . I went to L train vintage right on 4th avenue and and Sackett street. This location got excellent reviews so me and mom decided to go there. Very organized , and really nice gems but of course thrifting requires patience. I was able to find a jean jacket , t-shirt , a hat and this really cute tunic dress . All for 30 bucks !

PacSun jean jacket for 10 bucks

Tunic dress for 8 bucks

T shirt and hat were both 6 dollars each

Today was a great day thrifting and spending time with my mama . Hope all is well with y’all ! Keep enduring . Keep swimming . ✌🏾

The Summer of Broken things

As summer comes to its end I felt like it was only right to read a book with this title . The Summer of Broken Things By:Margaret Peterson Haddix.

This book was so precious and made me want to roll my eyes and cry and just laugh and smile . It’s about two young ladies Kayla and Avery and a Summer that changed their lives . Avery comes from a rich lifestyle and Kayla not so much . Avery’s father decided he wants to take Avery away to Spain but only if Kayla came along. Avery and Kayla aren’t even friends but they grew up with each other as children . When they went to Spain secrets and a lot of hurt comes out of the trip but good things come out of it too . I won’t say too much so that you can enjoy the book . What I loved most about this book was that the thing that change both of their lives wasn’t the cliche story . It had depth which I loved . This book literally has no cursing in it so it’s a book I recommend to everyone . It’s about family . About self discovery . About forgiveness . It was an excellent book and a totally feel good !


Man Dallas was a really nice time for me and my mom . I find that every time I go away I find little more chunks of myself . Things I never noticed about myself ,things I need to change . Just more growth . Anyway I went to Dallas for my   best friend wedding . It was the most precious and sweetest wedding I’ve ever been to . Everything was a personal touch . Simple yet detailed . She did such a good job and I’m so very happy for them both . We’ve come a long way as friends and as women and I’m just proud . And I feel special to have even been able to share one of the most important days in her life . Meant a lot to me .

With going to Dallas you know there is the most delicious food and I have to share some of the places me and my mom went .

Our first stop was Oddfellows . It’s a popular brunch spot out in bishop arts district . I will tell you that the food was so good that I had to go twice lol . The first time around though I had the breakfast scramble of the day which was a mozerella pesto and chive and tomato scramble. I had that with veggie sausage, tortilla on the side and a order of beignets . My mom got sausage biscuits and gravy and eggs .


Everything was amazingly good . The beignets were fried to perfection and not oily and the amount of powder sugar was perfect . Everything was flavorful and just delicious .

The second time around we got the P.O.D which stands for Pancake of the Day . It was blueberry so we got two to share . I got the Migas omelette which was Monterey Jack cheese , sour cream,Pico and inside the omelette was the crunchy tortilla chips . At first I was concern but when I ate it the texture of the soft omelette and crunch from the chips it was perfection . My mom had the scramble of the day which had chorizo amongst other things lol . The food was so good we literally ate everything . We love odd fellows .


Best brunch food everrrrrr. We went to a couple places I forgot to take pictures of  like this dope Chinese restaurant Rocio took us to that was delicious . Very authentic too .

Most days we ate in at out Airbnb or ordered from this Chinese place . Sunday we decided to get out the house and go to this bookstore /bar called The Wild Detectives . This place was super cool although I couldn’t find books I liked . The whole concept of being able to drink and read is just quite amusing to me . Or just to chill and have a latte or tea . I got a peppermint tea from there but that was about it .

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Straight after this we went to Emporium Pies because I started to feel melancholy and needed something sweet . The place is a cute little spot . I didn’t like the price of paying 6 bucks per slice but my best friend told me so many times to come here so I said I trust her word for it and my god . We tried the Lord of the pies which is a apple pie with streusel the best I’ve had and beautiful delicious Carmel apples . We had another pie I forgot the name of it but it was this nutty deliciousness . And it had this peanut butter mousse it seem like it and this crunchy toffee bottom . These pies were so good and worth every bit of 6 bucks .

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Our final destination was Dallas Grilled Cheese Co. This place was so cute and charming inside and a very chill spot where you can just wear casual clothes. The menu had different grilled cheese, soup and salads and appetizers . I had the rustic grilled cheese and tomato basil soup . My mom had the chicken wings and sweet potato fries . We ate all of this for 25 bucks . It was just amazing the price difference from there to New York . The food though was delicious and the grilled cheese was just how I like mines buttery and crunchy and soft and gooey lol .


Dallas was amazing and the food was even better lol . I really enjoyed my stay here and sharing moments with friends and family was just great . Can’t wait to visit again . Until next time Dallas !

New friends/mornings with mum

I’ve missed this . I haven’t been blogging much . Life has been insanely busy with crazy work, best friends weddings, spiritual things . It’s just been a lot . But today I have a little down time , so I’d thought I’d blog lol . I haven’t really read anything new because books cost money and they never sent me my library card so I just haven’t read anything . But I wanted to share two cool spots I went to in the last two days . First let’s start off with his speakeasy called Sunshine Laundromat&Pinball .

By definition a speakeasy is an illicit liquor or night club. I know back in the day it would appear to be something but it’s really a bar or nightclub . There is a secret door or whatever . So I went to Sunshine Laundromat&Pinball . It’s a laundromat in the front and in the back there is a door and you will find in the back a bar and pinball machines and old fashion games . This place is so special and such a gem to just go and chill at . It’s so intimate and really cool to interact and just hang with friends . I went with my new friend Callie she’s amazing. She’s so down to earth and it was just so nice meeting someone who was so open and who reminded me of myself and most of striving to serve Jehovah faithfully . She’s gone back to London but I know I’ll be seeing her again .

We didn’t play any games. We honestly sat there for two hours at the bar and talk and laugh . She’s such a kindred spirit and it was amazing . We both had beer . I had this ginger cider one which was 8 bucks and it was really good . This place doesn’t have food so I would suggest eating before and then coming here to chill .

This morning me and mum went to this really cute place up the block called Fermento . It’s a Italian cafe/ restaurant . One thing I love about this place is the ambiance and the interior design . It’s so simple yet aesthetically pleasing to the eye .

I had the multigrain croissant with vegan butter and jam along with a chai latte . My mom had a everything bagel with cream cheese and jam and a coffee . We paid about 14 bucks . Do I think that’s a bit much eh sorta but it was worth it . The croissant was so crunchy and soft on the inside and the melted butter and jam was just so delicious . My ONLY issue was the chai latte . The chai latte was yummy but it just wasn’t no chai lol . Chai can have Cardamon and all these spices . It tastes more like a dirty chai or a really good Lipton tea with milk in it lol . That was my only issue but other than that it was a good breakfast .

But yeah it was a cool morning . I’ll be blogging soon . I’ll be out of state for a few days and I’ll def share some of the spots I’ll be going to . My best friend is getting married ahhhhh!!!

Take care guys 🙋🏾‍♀️

Going vegan

So I decided that I’m going to be a vegetarian for the next couple months or year. I’m not quite ready to go full on vegan . I will still do vegan dinners and desserts but mostly vegetarian .It’s a process and here are some tips that I have for people who are going vegan or vegetarian .

Be patient with yourself .

I think changing your diet is only hard if you make it. Yesterday I did a full day of vegan recipes and it was really good because most of the stuff I ate , I normally do anyway . Don’t be mad at yourself for craving meat or seafood that’s normal because that’s what you would normally eat .

If you can’t do it , that’s okay .

For me I’m doing this for my health . I have bursitis amongst a lot of hormone issues, and I did my research and this change of lifestyle helps in those departments and I need that right now . It’s necessary . Plus I know my body will thank me . But if you can’t do it don’t beat yourself up . I find just cutting back on meat and seafood here and there helps . And even if you don’t, do your thang lol

Pinterest will be your best friend

I found so many tasty delicious recipes on Pinterest . Sometimes I go on YouTube but I don’t really care for those recipes because some of them look bland and not flavorful . Pinterest has everything you need and great recipes .

I am looking forward to a change of lifestyle and to see how my body reacts and I think it will be grateful .

If you have any suggestions or advice leave it in the comment section below 🤗



Lately I’ve been reading a lot of young adult contemporary novels and I feel like I have two favorite ones now .

Puddin By: Julie Murphy

This book was such a feel good , self discovery , hilarious book . I’ve read dumplin which is a companion book to this one and what I love how it incorporated the characters from Dumplin . This book is about two girls , from two different worlds who didn’t know that a friendship can exist between them . Through crazy circumstances Millie and Callie become amazing friends and through each other they help each other become the person they never thought they could be . It’s one of my favorites and I love it !

My next book would be

All the Little Lights By:Jamie McGuire

This book is one of the best books I’ve read in a long time . I mean you literally fall in love with the two main characters and you feel everything they feel . This book was so well written . Some parts so poetic , some parts like Art dripping from a page . I mean I fell in love with Catherine and Elliott and I love how they were from two different backgrounds . What I love most about this book is how it developed . I never got bored , it never got slow . It was exciting, loving , scary at certain points and certain parts gave me chills . I read this book while on vacation . At the beach, on the plane , in the bath tub . It was just such a good book and I couldn’t put it down . I HIGHLY recommend this book . One of the best books I’ve read hands down . Get it !!!