Dekalb market Hall

Hey guys ! What’s going on ?! Over the weekend I finally got to the Dekalb Market hall . It’s so funny that this place used to be a mall that I used to always go to and toys r us was there so you know I was in there. But now the basement is a Trader Joe’s and this dekalb market hall that has about 40 different vendors . Going in I was overwhelmed but in a good way. It was just food food food lol . We had to walk around first to see what exactly we were going to eat. I decided to go to two tablespoons which is for vegans and vegetarians. My friend had the BBQ place and had a pull pork sandwhich and my other friend got a large order of truffle fries from home frite .

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This was the veggie burger and although it was 11 bucks it was dumb good and super packed . The beet bean pattie stayed together and normally when I have a veggie burger it tends to fall apart but this one didn’t and it had corn and cabbage and cheddar cheese . It was delicious and it also had this smoked flavor to it which made it super good and I didn’t miss the meat. I also got the strawberry basil lemonade which was so interesting but super good .

For dessert they had many places . They had a doughnut place , pop up cake shop , ample hills creamery but I was itching to get some churros . So we got the churros. I got the traditional churros filled with dulce de leche and chocolate. We also got the Bellinas which are a Spanish doughnut that’s filled with custard . We got the Oreo one and a pina colada one .

Processed with VSCO with a6 presetProcessed with VSCO with a6 presetProcessed with VSCO with a9 preset

The churros were freshly made . As soon as you bit into it , it was crunchy and soft and the filling inside was just beautiful . The bellinas were good I preferred the pina collada one . I wish they were warm though . But all in all the food here is delish . I will be back to try more places .


To end our night we went to vivi bubble tea place . It was my first time trying bubble tea which was so interesting . Those bubble things were the strangest things ever lol . I enjoyed the mango Jasmine tea though but would I try it with bubbles again? Nope . Lol not my forte .

It was a beautiful Saturday . Hope everyone has a great week and if not it’s okay, just keep going .


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