Milk and Honey by rupi kaur

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I just finished Milk and Honey with tears in my eyes. Not because I am hurting or I am bruised, I am because I’ve been many places in my life at 25 years old. I understood the broken relationship with her father, and how most times when you have a broken relationship with your father or mother it effects how you live your life and sometimes you go looking for love in all the wrong places.

Page 16 The hurting

“he was supposed to be the first male love of your life you still search for him everywhere”


I got it, I get it.

The loving

This part of the book was really raw and honest. She speaks about love with her partner at the time and then she speaks about the type of lover she needs.

The part of the book that made me cry was The breaking.

This part she talks about breaking up, she talks about not feeling like she is enough. About not loving yourself. About settling. Here are some of my favorite pages.

Page 95

“I didn’t leave because i stopped loving you i left because the longer i stayed the less i  loved myself “

page 108

you were the most beautiful thing i’d ever felt till now. and i was convinced you’d remain the most beautiful thing i’d ever feel. do you know how limiting that is. to think at such a ripe young age i’d experienced the most exhilarating person i’d ever meet. how i’d spend the rest of my life settling. to think i’d tasted the rawest form of honey and everything else would be refined and synthetic. that nothing beyond this point would add up. that all the years beyond me could not combine themselves to be sweeter than you.



This particular part brought me to tears because I know what it feels like to be with someone who wont love you back. Who say they love you but they don’t show it. I know what it feels like not to be enough . To have someone pick you up and drop you when they want because that is what you think you deserve . I know. I love the bluntness of this chapter. the last part made me smile though. Its called the healing.

The healing made me feel good inside because it talks about healing ,about growing , about loving yourself the way you are. Loving the hair on your body or don’t whatever you feel. Its about forgiving and forgetting and letting go. It talks about getting over the hurt and getting over the breaking. That one day you will be okay.  This book brought me back to many places of my past and I am happy to say that I am okay. That I am happy. Years ago I thought healing was not possible for me but it was and it is.  And it is for you too. This book is a game changer and I am so mad it took me so long to read it. So yes you must read this book.

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