Thrifting Tips

Wonderful tips for thrifting ! Check it out ☺️


Today is National Thrift Shop Day and while it’s just another day for some people, it’s a great day for me since the majority of everything I own comes from a thrift shop, consignment store, garage sale, or estate sale. Not to mention my favorite thrift store Texas Thrift is giving customers a $5 OFF Customer Appreciation Coupon on any purchase of $25 or more!

In honor of National Thrift Shop Day, I thought I would share some thrifting tips with you all:

  • Be patient. The majority of the time when you thrift, you will have to sort out clothes or look through racks/bins. It can take awhile but you will be so thankful when you find something special and unique.
  • Wear comfortable shoes and loose clothing when thrifting. Wearing comfortable shoes will help you if you stand for awhile and if you wear loose clothing, it will make…

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Rice Krispie Treats

Hey guys so yesterday was one of my best friends BBQ and I made Rice Krispie treats for it . I’ve never made them before but I found them to be extremely easy but also complicated . This recipe is from

Serving  18-24 (depending how you cut them )


8 1/2 cups Rice Krispie treats

12 cups /16 0z bag of marshmallows

12 tablespoons of salted butter (the recipe called for unsalted but all I had was salted so I used that lol )

1/2 sea salt

So first I put my measurements of my Rice Krispies in a big bowl along with my marshmallows in another bowl that way everything is more easier and less messy .

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After I did this I put my butter in a large sauce pan and I let it come to a boil almost but you want to have your heat on medium so your butter won’t burn . The recipe said you can keep your butter until it gets a nice light brown because then it gives off this nutty taste but I didn’t want to chance it so as soon as all my butter was melted I folded in my marshmallows and I put it on low . You don’t want burnt marshmallows. I stirred it slowly until all of it was melted and as soon as that was done I put in my Rice Krispie cereal and make sure the fire is off because if not it will burn . Marshmallows are weird and if you don’t do it right it can become extremely hard which you don’t want . After I finished folding in all my ingredient . I put my mixture in a pan . I’m not sure of the measurements but it was pretty flat but if you want thicker treats you can use a smaller and deeper pan . I also put aluminum foil and put a little butter so that they won’t stick at all to the pan . I ate some from the pot when I was done and it was delicious . That salted butter added a richness but not too rich . I let it cool for about an hour and then placed it in the fridge for about 30 minutes . I also sprinkled some seat salt on top and I was ready to go !

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Its a easy recipe but there are are many things that can go wrong lol so follow instructions to a tea . But you can switch up the flavors or add in ingredients. Super good recipe ! Have a good week guys ✌🏾


Thrifting while curvy

I find thrifting to be something that requires a ton of patience , but it requires even more patience when you’re a curvy woman. Today I went thrifting and got super excited because I had this cute dress in my arms and a cute top . I got to try them on and I think you know how this story goes . I barely could breathe lol . Just kidding . Well kinda. And in all honesty those moments can be so discouraging . I started to think well maybe I shouldn’t have had that bagel this morning . Or why am I thinking about doughnuts right now . But I cut the thought and killed it . I’m a healthy person extremely healthy and I dibble and dabble in bad foods sometimes but my overall regime I’m healthy and I am chunky and that’s okay and I learn another curve another stretch mark to love everyday . After my little moment I went on a rampage to find something that will fit me and make me feel good. After searching and searching I found 3 pieces .

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The pink one is from Zara and I paid 5 or 4 bucks. It’s also new with the tag still on it .  My total was 14 bucks . So all in all although I was having a breakdown I came out undefeated and successful. So as a woman with curves and more to love , thrifting can be fun and you keep money in your pocket while looking good . And you can do it . Just be patient !

Remember when I was thinking about doughnuts well a couple blocks from the thrift store there is this place called Brooklyn Doughnutry and I may have stopped there and got me a doughnut lol . I stopped here before but the man there was so mean so I walked back out but I’m all about second chances and I decided to give them a second chance . Plus I genuinely wanted a doughnut. I got the vanilla sprinkles and these doughnuts are so huge . They remind me of dough but I found this dough more fluffy and airy which I loved . It was subtle sweet which I also loved .

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Vanilla sprinkles 

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I think I’ll go to this place instead of dough since it’s closer lol . But once in a blue . So although I had a moment today I’m happy now and full of a vanilla sprinkle  doughnut . ✌🏾

Summer days in New York

So today was a pretty chill day . Me and mom went out in service and then after we parlayed with our neighbor who recently had a baby and she is so beautiful and chunky and I love me some chunky babies . My mom treated me to dinner we went to Spice Thai place in my old stomping grounds Cobble Hill. I can’t believe it has been 7 years since I graduated like it’s weird lol . But I needed some time out because my mind has been very busy these days and I needed some down time . We both had lunch specials my mom had the shrimp pad Thai with spring rolls and I had the shrimp black noodles with shrimp fritters .

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The appetizers were delicious but I was a bit underwhelmed by my entree . I felt like they were regular pad se euw noodles and the sauce was a bit too sweet.

Afterwards we went to VanLeeuwen. I’m lactose so Ice cream is like the devil to me but this place carries dairy ice cream but also vegan ice cream . What I loved was that they had just as much options for dairy ice cream eaters as vegans.

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My mom had the cookie dough and I had a cone with banana nut and cookie crumble strawberry jam. Oh my god . It’s so good. I was like singing as I was eating it . The banana nut was delicious you actually tasted real banana and it had walnuts in it which gave it a beautiful crunch . The cookie crumble strawberry jam was the show stopper though . There were chunks of cookies and delicious tangy strawberries. Ahh it felt so good to not have a belly ache after eating ice cream . Go check out this place it’s delicious and even if you try the vegan options it’s just as creamy and delicious !

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Milk and Honey by rupi kaur

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I just finished Milk and Honey with tears in my eyes. Not because I am hurting or I am bruised, I am because I’ve been many places in my life at 25 years old. I understood the broken relationship with her father, and how most times when you have a broken relationship with your father or mother it effects how you live your life and sometimes you go looking for love in all the wrong places.

Page 16 The hurting

“he was supposed to be the first male love of your life you still search for him everywhere”


I got it, I get it.

The loving

This part of the book was really raw and honest. She speaks about love with her partner at the time and then she speaks about the type of lover she needs.

The part of the book that made me cry was The breaking.

This part she talks about breaking up, she talks about not feeling like she is enough. About not loving yourself. About settling. Here are some of my favorite pages.

Page 95

“I didn’t leave because i stopped loving you i left because the longer i stayed the less i  loved myself “

page 108

you were the most beautiful thing i’d ever felt till now. and i was convinced you’d remain the most beautiful thing i’d ever feel. do you know how limiting that is. to think at such a ripe young age i’d experienced the most exhilarating person i’d ever meet. how i’d spend the rest of my life settling. to think i’d tasted the rawest form of honey and everything else would be refined and synthetic. that nothing beyond this point would add up. that all the years beyond me could not combine themselves to be sweeter than you.



This particular part brought me to tears because I know what it feels like to be with someone who wont love you back. Who say they love you but they don’t show it. I know what it feels like not to be enough . To have someone pick you up and drop you when they want because that is what you think you deserve . I know. I love the bluntness of this chapter. the last part made me smile though. Its called the healing.

The healing made me feel good inside because it talks about healing ,about growing , about loving yourself the way you are. Loving the hair on your body or don’t whatever you feel. Its about forgiving and forgetting and letting go. It talks about getting over the hurt and getting over the breaking. That one day you will be okay.  This book brought me back to many places of my past and I am happy to say that I am okay. That I am happy. Years ago I thought healing was not possible for me but it was and it is.  And it is for you too. This book is a game changer and I am so mad it took me so long to read it. So yes you must read this book.

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I don’t want you to be another sad girl

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Sad Girls by Lang Leav .

The title alone to this book was intriguing to me . I wanted to know who this girl was and why she was sad . The book is based on a girl name Audrey and the book starts off on a sad tip but it starts off with a lie . Audrey makes up a lie tells her best friends and it results into this huge thing and the girl ends up committing suicide . I won’t say much because that will spoil it but Audrey falls in love with the dead girls boyfriend . This book suprised me in many ways because you thought you knew what was going to happen but as I got closer to the last pages my mouth hung open . I would def recommend this book . It’s a must read. I want to share some of my favorite lines from this book.

Page 328

“I used to think people were like lighthouses. That they were there to protect you . But they’re not . People are like whirlpools. They pull you in; they drag you under . You have to work so hard just to keep your head above water “

page 335

” A deep realization reverberated through my body , like the ringing of a church bell . All at once, I understood why the pain of seperation, that carving out of the insides, had to happen . I used to have this sense that I felt too much for Rad, that the feelings inside me would start spilling over and I wouldn’t be able to contain them . Now I knew why I had been hollowed out, why my insides were chipped away with a chisel and mallet. It was to make room for this new feeling , this love that was so vast, so expansive to couldn not have fit into the vessel I once was ” 

page 346

“Lucy looked smaller somehow. Like she had visibly shrunken since I last saw her, as though a vital part of her was now missing”

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What I loved most about this book was how beautiful and eloquent it was written. I could hold the words and feel the words . They jumped literally right off the page . It was so poetic and I like the fact that we can fall in love and we can fall in love again . It may not be the love from the first time . But it’s possible to open yourself up again.

Must read !!!

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