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Almost 26 and Single

I remember as a teenager , I would tell myself by 25 you’ll have it all together . You’ll be married , have a nice job , would be an author , and traveling the world . In about 4 weeks I’ll be 26 years old and I’m not married , I don’t have the “dream job” and I’m not an author yet and to be honest none of those things bother me anymore . Sometimes it takes to get out of the situation to understand where you are . How blessed you are .

A year ago I was pretty down and sad about being single , I felt lonesome most of the time and I wanted a companion so bad . But now , not being in that space anymore , I see so many blessings and so much growth and love in myself and most of all my relationship with my creator has grown as well . Overtime this time with myself has allowed me to see things I love about myself and things I don’t like too much and one of those things was being happy for others while feeling sorry for me .

It wasn’t a genuine happiness I felt for others because inside I was miserable and that’s part of the reason why I got rid of my social media , it was really detrimental to my emotional heath honestly . Constantly comparing myself , or feeling bad for what I didn’t have rather than focusing on my now and my present .

Today though I don’t feel sorry for myself anymore . What is there to feel sorry about ? Because I don’t have a mate ? Or because I don’t have the job that I want ? Come to think about it none of those things make me who I am . We are shaped by God and experiences with beautiful people who love you and the God you serve.

In moments when I am alone or just thinking , certain things a month ago or a year ago that would have bothered me or stumbled doesn’t anymore. Sometimes I even cry because I’m happy I am out of situations or dealings with things that hurt me . Healing is a beautiful thing too, sometimes it hurts but I’m finally at the part where it doesn’t hurt anymore .

When you realize all the blessings and laughter in your life , you’re not only humbled but you are grateful . And sometimes I think , I need this . I need this time for me , to learn more about me , to know what I want and what goals I want to reach . To grow to change to shift . To show up for me as people say .

Now I can rejoice with others in happiness when good things , special things , blessings comes their way and also being happy wherever I am at the moment , even if it’s a crappy place lol .

I was never happy single . But I am now , and I’m grateful for this journey and time . I’m not saying everyday is a blue sky day because it’s not but there are more positives now than negatives in my life .

So to my little teenager  self who thought we would have settled down , have  a great job , traveled the world . We aren’t married , but we have the greatest family and friends ,don’t have the greatest job but It has its perks and pays the bills and we were finally able to get out the country for the first time . So I would say we are doing okay . More than okay .

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The Librarian of Auschwitz

Hi guys ! I hope everyone’s week is going well . Tomorrow is Friday so we made it ! My week has been crazy as always , but you live and you learn . Everyday more and more .

So my latest read has been The Librarian of Auschwitz By Antonio Iturbe . This book became one of my most precious reads . I always had some type of connection attraction to the Holocaust . It has always intrigued me , it’s just something I hold close to my heart and most of all because it is apart of my spiritual heritage as a Jehovah’s Witness .

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This book is about the brave Dita Klause who was a young girl who hid books so that children could read . Back then books were banned and people were killed for having them .

This book follows the courageous Dita and her journey in the Auschwitz concentration camp . I only wish to be half of the woman Dita was . She experienced so much death so much pain in her life and even when everything was lost she found joy in books . She kept going .

Books heal .

The book goes into grave detail of what happened in these camps and it brought tears to my eyes several times . To see what human beings went through because they weren’t German , it pained me reading this book . But it also made me happy when Dita would smile , or when she laughed at a book , or when she joked around although death was knocking at her door . Her story of survival was strengthening to my soul . There are also amazing characters who fought even to death.  I would reccomend this book to everyone . It’s a must read .


Have a good weekend guys 😘




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Le pointe Thrift store

Hey guys . Hope everything is good with y’all . It’s been a busy week with mixtures of feelings emotions and intermittent fasting . Today was my third day fasting and it wasn’t so bad actually . It has lots of benefits . If it’s something you want to try , make sure you research first !

Today after service me and mom took a trip to Le Pointe thrift store . The place was humoungus I mean super big ! Urban jungle is bigger in width but this place was longer and wider so I was like a kid in the candy store . I didn’t have my proper backpack so I couldn’t really go in like I wanted to but I did find some gems and all of my stuff came up to 6 bucks .

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Flannel for $1

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The dress was oringinally 5 bucks but they were half off so I got both dresses for 5 bucks (2.50) each

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So it was a great thrift day ! I’ll def be back to this place !

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Snow days in

Hey lovelies . Hope everyone is doing well! New York called for plenty of days in the house lol . We got a lot of snow and blizzard conditions that came in on Thursday and for the rest of the weekend it was house bound . Our meeting got canceled so by Sunday we had major cabin fever but before that on Friday morning I think i made apple bread . We had so much apples I don’t know why lol but I said why not use them . Went to my bestfriend Pinterest and found a nice recipe that was super easy. I got it from


1/2 cup packed light brown sugar
1 1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
2/3 cup white sugar
1/2 cup butter, softened
2 eggs
2 teaspoons vanilla extract
1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
1 1/2 teaspoons baking powder
1/2 cup milk
1 large apple, peeled and finely chopped

I changed around a couple things . I used almond milk and instead of white sugar I used brown sugar for the whole thing . What I loved most about this recipe was that it was easy and not too sweet.

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Super delish and a nice recipe for brunch . You can make this some eggs and potatoes and call it a day .

Moving on so Sunday me and mom got cabin fever and decided to be brave and go out in the brittle cold lol . We went to this cafe a couple blocks away, enough blocks to feel the frigid cold but I wasn’t complaining . It’s called Colador Cafe . It’s a spot we go to pretty often for dinner lunch and our first time for breakfast. I had the Western omelette which came with potatoes and multigrain toast and my mom had the salmon Benedicte which also came with potatoes and a side of salad .

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What I loved most about these meals was that they were simple but tasty and filling . I didn’t feel like a huge Oompa Loompa leaving which I loved . The place was empty as you can imagine it was about 9 degrees when we went out lol . What was also great about our meal was that it comes with a mimosa . Me or my mom don’t really drink. It’s just not our thing so we only took one . It was a guava mimosa and I drunk the whole thing . It was the perfect ratio of champagne to guava juice . I really enjoyed it . The only sucky thing was that their tips have to be in cash which was annoying but the food was good so that’s all that matters . I hope you guys are safe and warm. Blessed for the little things like heat and coats . Have a good week peoples !

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Vegan diner and Vegan biscuits !

Hey guys . Wow it’s 2018 . I still can’t believe it . I’m looking forward to it though . I’ll be writing 2017 wrong on papers for a while though . Lol

Friday night I went to a vegan diner called Champs Diner . Also just to tell you guys I am not vegan I just appreciate vegan foods and I have a lot of food allergies and things that I can’t eat so vegan choices I enjoy and so does my body !

At Champs I had the Pancake slam . It consists of two pancakes, hash brown , tofu scramble , tempeh bacon and soysage . It was really good my pancakes were a little cold though lol .

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But everything was well and the tofu scramble was well seasoned . And my lil sis had the cauliflower po boy . It was a nice place ,pretty small but it was nice .

The decor was of a typical diner which was dope . I’ll visit this place again .

As for my vegan biscuits oh man they were delish ! I thought they would be super difficult to make but I was like I love a challenge lol . I got the recipe from

What I loved most about this recipe it was super simple and as long as you follow the recipe to a tea , you’ll get delicious yummy buttery flaky biscuits ! I loved these so much that I ate four lol . You’ll enjoy them too so check out the minimalist bakers recipe !

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Last books of 2017

2017 has come and gone as it always seems at the end end of the year. I didn’t have any big epiphanies, or any big discoveries. But I did do what I told myself to do. I met one of my goals of going out the country for the first time. I was able to survive a heart break without hurting others in the crossfire. I have been healing, I’ve had downfalls, but I have to say when it was time to get up, I have done it gloriously and gracefully. I looked my hurt straight in the face and it made me resilient. All praise to my creator Jehovah for getting me through it. Also my family and good friends.  It made me softer believe it or not. Coming out of the fire I am grateful for it. I’m looking forward to further happiness and further growth.

Now for the last books I read  in the past weeks of 2017. I read “I am Not Your perfect Mexican Daughter” and “Far From the Tree”.

As you can see I switched up the genre of my books. If you are new here, I am usually reading a dystopian novel. But I decided to switch it up a bit.

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I am not your perfect Mexican Daughter By: Erika Sanchez

This book wasn’t what i was expecting. Its about a young girl name Julia who loses her older sister name Olga to a bad car accident in the city of Chicago. This book is about Julia stepping out of her sisters shadow, not being the perfect Mexican daughter. She learns a lot about her sister that seem so perfect so innocent when she was neither of those things. But she found a strength through her sister, and a strength in herself. I liked this book. It was a quick read. I just wanted more. I wanted a little more.

Far From The Tree By: Robin Benway 

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To start off I finished book in 4 days. I also cried when I finished this book. This story is of 3 beautiful siblings(Grace,Maya,Joaquin) who were either adopted or in the foster care system. I fell in love with each character.

Grace is the middle child and she is soft and was 16 when she got pregnant and gave her daughter up for adoption. Maya is the baby and she has different struggles. Although she lives with a well off family a beautiful sister, everything that you see is not what it seems. Joaquin is my favorite character. He protects people from him and he pushes people away including the family that wants to adopt him at 17 years old. This story is of family, of love and how family is with you always. How sometimes families are blended. How family fit the missing pieces.

This book made me appreciate my family. My beautiful mother who I strive to be like everyday . Man the strength of this woman. The courage. Shes so brave. My amazing dad, how he loves and how he cares for all of us although we are all adults and although he has a family of his own. My older sister who is the most amazing woman and mom and wife. She has the aura and energy of a fun 3 year old and a wise old woman in one. My brother who is the most beautiful man. I always say when I get married I would love my brother to give my wedding talk. My brother is a powerful man and I am grateful for him and the woman standing by his side my sister . (sister in law) For all of them everyday. So this book is a must read. I recommend it completely. I wish the characters were real but in a sense they are.

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