Dekalb market Hall

Hey guys ! What’s going on ?! Over the weekend I finally got to the Dekalb Market hall . It’s so funny that this place used to be a mall that I used to always go to and toys r us was there so you know I was in there. But now the basement is a Trader Joe’s and this dekalb market hall that has about 40 different vendors . Going in I was overwhelmed but in a good way. It was just food food food lol . We had to walk around first to see what exactly we were going to eat. I decided to go to two tablespoons which is for vegans and vegetarians. My friend had the BBQ place and had a pull pork sandwhich and my other friend got a large order of truffle fries from home frite .

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This was the veggie burger and although it was 11 bucks it was dumb good and super packed . The beet bean pattie stayed together and normally when I have a veggie burger it tends to fall apart but this one didn’t and it had corn and cabbage and cheddar cheese . It was delicious and it also had this smoked flavor to it which made it super good and I didn’t miss the meat. I also got the strawberry basil lemonade which was so interesting but super good .

For dessert they had many places . They had a doughnut place , pop up cake shop , ample hills creamery but I was itching to get some churros . So we got the churros. I got the traditional churros filled with dulce de leche and chocolate. We also got the Bellinas which are a Spanish doughnut that’s filled with custard . We got the Oreo one and a pina colada one .

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The churros were freshly made . As soon as you bit into it , it was crunchy and soft and the filling inside was just beautiful . The bellinas were good I preferred the pina collada one . I wish they were warm though . But all in all the food here is delish . I will be back to try more places .


To end our night we went to vivi bubble tea place . It was my first time trying bubble tea which was so interesting . Those bubble things were the strangest things ever lol . I enjoyed the mango Jasmine tea though but would I try it with bubbles again? Nope . Lol not my forte .

It was a beautiful Saturday . Hope everyone has a great week and if not it’s okay, just keep going .

Banana bread

Morning guys ☺️ So this morning I had two ripe bananas and at first I was going to make ice cream with it but they were too ripe so I just whipped up some banana bread. Super easy.


  • 2 or 3 ripe bananas
  • 1/2 cup of cane sugar
  • 1 1/2 cups all purpose flour
  • 1/3 cup melted earth balance butter
  • 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
  • 1 teaspoon of baking soda
  • pinch of sea salt
  • 1 large egg

I just smashed the bananas and mixes the egg and sugar salt and baking powder together then adding everything in and added the melted butter last .

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Super easy not too fattening and it can be a nice snack or breakfast .

I also got this recipe from

Have a beautiful week guys ☺️

Chinese and thrifting

So today was a alright day . I had training from Wednesday to Thursday and it was so funny because prior to the class I had so much anxiety and I was so afraid and coming out of it I’m like what’s wrong with you girl lol . So after I did pretty well on my test, I took myself out to eat because your girl was dumb hungry . I walked around on Bedford Ave in Brooklyn . There were a lot of places but I preferred to be in an empty place because it was just too hot to be around a lot of people . So I stopped at red bowl . It’s a Chinese Asian inspired restaraunt. I usually would get something I always get but I’m like what’s the fun in that, try something different . So I had the Singapore mei fun with shrimp . The first bite was just everything . It had this curry taste to it a bit of spice . Everything was seasoned so well and they gave me a huge plate and the amount was so good . Surprisingly I ate most of it and I was shocked but that’s what happens when you eat close to nothing for breakfast. Delicious lunch .

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After I had the glorious lunch I had , me and my homegirl went to urban jungle to do some thrifting . I was a little scared to go in because they didn’t have ac before but they do now so I was happy . I was able to get a jean dress by Liz Claireborne for 8 bucks and a summer dress for ten bucks . Super comfty and that was my day . Hope you all have a beautiful weekend .

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American War By Omar El Akkad

Hm this book was a very heavy book . Not literally well yes literally but also figuratively. This book was about deep lost , it was about revenge, it was about hurt but at the end it was about healing and keeping some of what makes us with us . Would I recommend this book ? I’m not too sure , only because it’s very morbid and very sad and action packed and you just wish that this little girl could have just been a little girl all her life . If you choose to read it I don’t think you’ll regret it.

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Usually I don’t talk about music on here but

Sza album CTRL is amazing. The song specifically I love so much is 20 something. It’s the most realest song I ever heard about being in your 20’s .


“20 something, all alone still
Not a thing in my name
Ain’t got nothin’, runnin’ from love
Only know fear
That’s me, Ms. 20 Something
Ain’t got nothin’, runnin’ from love”

The realest lyrics man . 20’s are beautiful,  hard and you learn so many life lessons . Sometimes 20’s can be confusing . You find yourself tripping over yourself. You feel like dang this is not where I suppose to be at this age at 20 21 or 25 or 28 . She talks about hoping her 20’s don’t end and she hopes her 20’s won’t kill her . I’ve been many places since I’ve been 20 and not on the map places but emotionally . I’ve come to love myself. It sounds cliche but it’s something so vital to our emotional and mental health . I’ve been heartbroken . I’ve compared myself to others . I’ve hit rock bottom a couple times . But from all these different experiences and emotions it has allowed me to grow and to evolve . To not repeat these mistakes so when I see these predicaments come up I’m like okay I know what I should do . One thing I can say I can’t imagine living my 20’s without Jehovah . They are already hard with him lol. 20’s I have a love/hate relationship with but I’m starting to love them more because I’m making my own meaning of 20 something . Sza albulm is awesome go check it out !

Under Rose-Tainted Skies By: Louise Gornall

Its Friday peeps and its super gloomy in New York today. I am also feeling a bit melancholy but I will be okay. We all have our days right?

So this book I read it in maybe a week, maybe less. I really liked this book and it really made me think of Everything Everything. Just like everything everything, you have a girl name Norah and Norah has agoraphobia which is the “Fear of places and situations that might cause panic, helplessness, or embarrassment.” This allows her not to even step foot outside other than to visit her doctor. Also just like everything everything she meets a next door neighbor and he just moved in and of course hes hot and shes intrigued by him. Their little adventure with each other starts when a guy who works for an organization comes to drop off groceries for her, he keeps them outside, leaves and she starts to get super anxious and she thinks about the meat that is in the scorching heat right now and she gets on the floor and try to fish them in the house. Of course she is unsuccessful and Luke sees her struggling and  comes to help her and boom the love magic starts to happen lol.

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What I loved about this book was that I could relate. No I don’t have Agoraphobia but I do deal with anxiety and its not fun. Its hard and frustrating and most times because of depression and anxiety you really do not want to be in your body.  Over the years I have gotten a lot better with help from Jehovah and from the love from my family and friends. It has helped me so much.

Another issue this book spoke about self harm. Which is a real issue and another issue i struggled with as a teen. I started cutting when I was about 11. Sometimes people stare at my arms because of my scars and before it made me uncomfortable but I refuse to hide parts of myself. The self that I grew from. It is apart of me and my journey and I am not ashamed. There are things that can help you when you feel like cutting.

One of the first things for me was prayer. Cutting had become an addiction for me and escape for me, just to escape the pain I felt inside. So when I needed to stop I prayed and prayed for comfort for help and I kept it very honest. I was honest with myself and with my creator.

Another thing that helped me was staying busy. I always had something to do so I did not have time to sit down and cut.

Do not get frustrated with yourself if you relapse . It happens. Just start again. I am happy to say that I haven’t cut in 7 years. Although some days I do have thoughts about it, I just think of how far I’ve come and since I’ve developed such a strong bond and relationship with Jehovah, I know hurting myself would be hurting him. These 7 years is something I am proud of .

This is the link to an awesome article. I know it says teenagers but it also helps with everyone with this issue. Self harm doesn’t have an age.

Love yourself. Your body is apart of you. Take care of it. Treat it well. It is living and it needs to be cared for not harmed.

Me day

Sometimes as individuals we are so busy and are always hanging with other people we forget that we do need a day to ourselves . A day to do nothing a day to visit the water, a day to shop . Whatever you choose to do it’s just a day for yourself. So I woke up this morning with the intentions of going to this cafe but due to family stuff I wasn’t able to , so instead of going to this Haitian cafe where I craved this Haitian bread and rhum butter so much I got mangu from Mary’s coffee shop . I love their mangu because it’s fresh tasty and cost efficient . So I got that for breakfast without the salami and had the fried cheese eggs and onions and plantanos so delish !

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So after I got the itis after that I watched this Indian movie called “Dear Zindagi “. Super sweet movie . Then I got ready to meet my best friend Tanj to go out to eat . We went to this new joint on dekalb called  Mekong BK which is a Vietnamese cruisine. We both had the classic chicken broth Pho and lemonade soda . Everyone knows I havent eaten meat for 5 months now but today I made an excuse for some chicken lol . The Pho was perfect and the noddles were cooked to perfection. I added plum sauce some siracha and the owner came over telling us to add some lime and basil and that even took it to the next level . I never have eaten Pho to it’s finish but this one I did lol . It was tasty and the decor was really sheek and airy and you know I love airy lol .

After that we walked to find some dessert places and ended up at Dough . Dough is just one of those places where you will always be satisfied . What was even better was that the dude working gave us free extra donuts which was sweet . I had a piece of the lemon poppy and some donut holes . I prefer the donut holes because I don’t feel so guilty lol . We had a great time and it’s always nice to just kick it with your best friend and talk about anything and nothing . Always a good time with her .

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